Learn how a Buyers Advocate can relieve the
pressure of house hunting and negotiating

Advocating for homebuyers as they
write their next life chapter

Make a fresh start in your perfect Brisbane home
with Buyers Advocate Joanna Boyd by your side

hey there

I’m Joanna Boyd

When you’re ready to move on, I can search for and secure your dream home in Brisbane

I love houses and nothing makes me happier than helping someone find the right property for the next phase of their lives.

I also understand what it’s like to search for a new home after the death of a partner, divorce or separation. It’s an emotional and stressful time when you need experts by your side acting in your best interests.

Joanna Boyd

Seek the treasure you value most dearly:
if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain

Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei

What you need to know about Buyers Advocacy

There’s so much to consider when buying a home. I can remain objective when
evaluating a property and ensure you secure a property within your budget

Why a Buyers Advocate?

Why a Buyers Advocate?

Buyers Advocates don’t sell real estate. They only work for the buyer. A Buyers Advocate is a licensed real estate professional who searches for suitable properties, based on a clients brief, handles due diligence, negotiates a purchase and represents
clients at auction.

Why Choose Me?

Why Joanna Boyd

Buyers Advocacy combines the two things I’m best at: real estate and helping people. Resetting my own life after losing my husband has given me a unique understanding of how to help clients who are purchasing a home after a life-altering event

City Fringe Areas

Why Brisbane City Fringe

My specialty is buying property for clients within 10km of Brisbane’s CBD. Home to some of Queensland’s most in-demand locations, these are leafy, livable suburbs and it’s where I’ve raised my own family

Suburb Profiles

Suburb Profiles

Flexible packages to suit your needs

My services are available in three high-value packages, depending on the level of support you need and how involved you want to be

For those with no time or energy for the house-hunting process, I offer a comprehensive service where I handle everything from search to settlement.

The Integrated Advocacy service is designed for buyers who enjoy house-hunting, but not the tricky due diligence and contract negotiation phase.

moving into new home

your new life

One-on-one consultations

Activate the reset button on your new life with this series of one-on-one sessions designed to take you from personal discovery to property success

Navigating death or divorce? I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to make difficult decisions regarding life’s practicalities before you are ready.

My From Personal Discovery to Property Success package is an immersive series of one-on-one consultations where we start with essential inner work and set some clear action steps designed to pave the way for your new life.

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